We started our company with a positive and quality purpose - we started on January 18, 2019. Our Construction work provides a variety of services such as -Road construction, Building construction, Bridge construction, etc.
We have our full Valid Document for all these construction works Which comes in handy in response to Govt and private Tender Our main goal is to provide a good service and quote competitive prices.
In addition, we offer several other services, including our Diversify Business So that it gives us the status of a Group Entity. Giving our Group Entities like- Retailer, Trust & Travel, Infrastructure, Hotel / Hospital, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Security system Power, etc.
We also hope that our infrastructure will be better equipped to provide those services, as well as all our equipment, which will further strengthen the economy in providing services.
We are not yet determined; we have also partnered with the channel given the environmental situation. Such us:- Govt of Odisha, TATA, Reliance, L & T We also have a good Documentary understanding with them We continue to strive to do something new in the future.

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Abinash Pradhan (FOUNDER / CEO)

We started on this journey of Waldorf in 2019 with a small team and a big dream – ‘Be recognized as the most reliable engineering and Infrastructure Company in India’. In our 3 year journey, there have been tremendous highs and lows, extreme challenges and great learnings. But all the while, the dream has persisted.

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Jayanta Pradhan (DIRECTOR)

Our journey has been made possible because of the blessing and good wishes of all our employees, their families.We will continue to evolve, transform and grow and while we do, we hope to have your continued support and good wishes.


• Grasp immediately to the Newer Technology in the market .
• Continual improvement in Standard Operating Procedures .
• Strictly adhere to Environmental Health and Safety Measures during operations and create awareness of it within the team .
• To empower employees and provide opportunities for self developments .


“We want to grow together” with our Clients, Employees, Suppliers & all other Associates and create long term bond To Provide services with proper workmanship and gain customer confidence To maintain societal value addition and maintain high level of quality & Satisfaction .


To create standards in the field of Infrastructures, develop unprivileged resources and convert them to skillful resources.